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I have had enough of my character being defamed and my business money earning being disrupted by bank and wire transfer procedures in Southern California and may be elsewhere has no evidence with regards to my business profile. I work very hard to survive and I do it legally. These banks are deliberate to classify people in a category as if everyone is the same and all criminals until proven innocent. I help many people in many walks of financial lives for many reasons. Just because a country has crime doesn't mean every person or business there is a criminal. So I am born into Ghana to example I am a criminal right?

My business life has been thrown into turmoil with an attitude from the banks and wire transfer services they can do whatever they want, however they want and with no care to the truth or even a moment of a meeting to realize I am a very smart woman with knowledge of laws they don't seem to learn and or don't care to learn. I wouldn't have a business if I didn't follow laws in the United States, California and around the world. I can't believe the treatment in 8 months of business with banks and wire transfer services in Southern California I endured and still suffer from.

If I performed my business as BofA who started my turmoil and seems to continue to cause turmoil with extreme abuse and I am not even an account holder any longer, Union Bank extreme account holder abuse, US Bank, Comerica extreme account holder abuse, Umpqua, Wells Fargo extreme account holder abuse, Western Union, Money Gram, Zoom and other banker and or representative decisions especially now Chase very extreme account holder abuse I would lose my business license. These disgusting corporate organizations continue in business even though what they do I would go to jail for if I did. I have to keep opening new bank accounts at other banks to stay in business then I'm questioned why I have so many accounts. Because the banks wrongful actions are causing the need for more accounts to stay in business.

I have been accused of pretty much every crime imaginable that I wouldn't even consider being part to. I am fortunate to have a very smart and good attorney and a very smart and good  finance manager along with a few good friends to realize it isn't me doing anything wrong. But the problem is daily I lose money and transaction from clients and investors. My clients have been approached a few times with the idea given to them by the banks I am doing something wrong. My clients know better. 

Fortunately every time a bank causes disarray most of my clients and investors remain. There are a few times I've lost a few and the money earning from those clients and investors after the insinuative attitude from the banks, frozen accounts without any verifiable reason and intentional infliction of all kinds of disgusting accusations. Chase actually took it upon themselves to return $25000.00 in my name to the sender. The sender had to pay money exchange rates on the return money and she never asked for the money returned. Actually her bank continued to persist Chase get the money to me. Sometimes money comes through my personal account or my business account with all money used for my business unless determined for personal use.

Chase has retaliated against my daughter, targeted myself and my daughter in a story so wrong I can't even describe it some days. They deliberately shut down accounts and lost money going against their own contracts for account holders. Wells wasn't much better. I am in court with Wells so I can't elaborate. I will be in court with Chase. I can not let Chase get away with what they've done to me and my daughter. BofA will be listed also. If the reader only knew how I have been degraded and made to believe I have no say in anything the banks do or my own business practices.

Reviews are on many review sites from my experiences. One review error was listed under Trans Union should have been Money Gram.

I still have gross earnings from my business but losses in additional gross earnings continue. My net is low because of the bank disruptions cause more costs to endure.

I am tired of having to fight for what I know is legal in my business with people who don't even know the laws acting on assumptions. Security laws are great but these are being taken to extreme levels causing harm to innocent people and my business growth. I have almost been convinced to quit my business by scare tactics and fear induced responses. 
I will not stop my business. Why do people in America spend their time on everyones business but their own?

This is a public notice to please stop the discrimination against myself, clients, investors and stop the deliberate intentional attack upon my character and business profile. I follow all federal codes and every transaction I do is in my report for my end year schedule for taxes. I have a business license with a fictitious name and I am published. I have an EIN number and a NAICS code to follow. I will find every way to bring charges to and get restitution from who is part to what appears as determination to put me out of business.

Elizabeth Vitale
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Newport Beach Ca 92659

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